Title: Divergent Author: Veronica Roth Illustrator: Publisher: New York; Katherine Tegen Books

Genre: Fantasy  Level: Upper Number of pages: 487 Pub. Date: 2011


On the day of her classification test Beatrice Prior finds out that she is Divergent, but she doesn’t realize what that means. What she does know is that her test won’t help her pick a faction. On the day of her choosing, she decides she is fearless and chooses Dauntless and her life changes forever. Now she’s Tris and she is training for her life because only the 10 best get to become a real initiates. Then there’s the whole problem that if her new faction finds out she’s Dauntless they’ll kill her. To top it off she has a huge crush on her trainer, Four, and he seems to be returning the feelings but he still won’t let her in. It seems Tris is going to need to be brave if she is going to make.


This book is a Science Fantasy story about a dystopian society. This story is set in Chicago, which makes it seem very realistic. At the same time the setting is not the Chicago that we know today and there are only small landmarks that help the reader to make the connection. Also this book like many high quality fantasy stories, the characters are relatable and the reader can easily see them fitting into the society that Roth created.


Divergent was a truly amazing read. This was a birthday present from my roommate and I wasn’t planning on reading it for this project until I saw my sixth graders reading it. Then I decided to give it a shot. I was amazed.  I like this book even more than the Hunger Games series although there are many similarities between the two. I think what made this book better was that there was no love triangle in Divergent. This allows the reader to get more connected to Four and fall in love with him as much as Tris.


After: Write a one page comparison between either the Hunger Games or the soon to be released movie.  


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