13 Reasons Why


Title: 13 Reasons Why Author: Jay Asher Illustrator: N/a Publisher: New York; Penguin Group

Genre: Realistic Fiction  Level: Upper  Number of pages: 336 Pub. Date: 2007


Hannah Baker has killed herself and Clay Jenson is upset by it. However it is not till the tapes with the 13 reasons why she did it reach Clay that he really starts to feel it. He cant help but wondering why he is on these tapes. He liked Hannah, he even had a crush on her and he was devastated by her death. Now he listens to the tapes hoping he can figure out why he is on these tapes and listening to her 13 reasons why.


This book is definitely a coping with the human condition type of realistic fiction. It focuses completely on Hannah’s death and the horrible things that happened to her that drove her to it. This story is set in a very realistic high school setting. In fact it was a bit scary because I could relate to some of the things Hannah was talking about her school. I think that many students would also be able to relate to the teasing and bullying Hannah goes through.


I actually picked this book specifically because so many of my students in my placement this semester were reading it. I figured if so many of them read it, it must be good. I was right this book was life changing. It made you think about every interaction you make with peers. At the end when the teacher is one of the reasons and he misses Hannah reaching out for help, I was appalled. I could only imagine how bad the teacher must of felt. As a future teacher I could relate to this but as somebody who had to reach out for help in Junior High I was thankful I had a teacher who was there for me.

13 Reasons Why I’m Thankful to be Alive:

  1. My Family loves me and is always there for me
  2. I go to an amazing school that has a wonderful teaching program
  3. I get to work with amazing students every semester
  4. Jimmy is the cutest dog ever and he is all mine
  5. I do well in all my classes
  6. Music always makes the world a happier place
  7. There is always a good book to read
  8. President Burger is changing the face of Southwestern
  9. I have the Best Roommate ever, she gives me free things
  10. Pep Band allows me to bond with First Years also the Flute Section Rocks my Socks
  11. Jeanette and Angelyn allow me to express myself through them
  12. Treyman and Cole are my strait gay best friends
  13. Dr. Pepper is the nectar of the Gods


After:  Students will create a list of 13 reasons to… (be thankful, try something new, they’re happy to be alive, the book impacted them, they love their family)


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