Title: Wonder Author: R.J. Palacio Illustrator: Tad Carpenter
Publisher: United States; Random House Children’s Books

Genre: Realistic Fiction Level: Upper Number of pages: 315 Pub. Date: 2012


August Pullman is a 5th grade boy, who is starting public school for the first time. This is mainly because of the medical problems associated with the facial deformities. The book changes points of view between characters throughout the book, allowing the reader to get a sense of how August affects everybody he’s in contact with.


This book is a mix between the “Becoming One’s Own Person” and  the “Coping with problems of the human condition” type of realistic fiction.  It is a becoming one’s own person realistic fiction because August grows throughout the book. Also the students in his class must learn to accept him. At the same time, the book talks about disabilities and helps to build empathy in the students.


This book covers so many important issues. I think that even though this book is at an easy level for a chapter book, I would only use this book with older students. I think that only 6th graders and older would really get everything out of this book that they were really suppose to.  It is a very intense book and makes the reader experience the feelings of the different characters of the book. This would be hard for a young student. That being said, I do believe that every future educator should read this book. It covers so many issues about students who develop unlike their average peers. Also it gives insight into how these students affect the lives of everyone around them from family to classmates and beyond.  It shows how even a person who has grown up around a disabled student may struggle with it sometime. At the same time it shows the struggles of a boy who while physically disabled, was extremely bright and was able to understand why others did not like him. For this reason, I recommend this book to any teacher, or future teacher it explains so many important things.


After: Students will write their own precept on a postcard and mail it to Palacio at:

PO BOX 150025
275 9th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
attn: R. J. Palacio      

My Precept- A book can take all the evil from the world, if only for a moment.


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