The Wright Sister: Katharine Wright and Her Famous Brothers


Title: The Wright Sister: Katharine Wright and Her Famous Brothers Author: Richard Maurer Illustrator:  n/a
Publisher: Brookfield; Roaring Brook Press

Genre:  Biography Level: Upper Number of pages: 127 Pub. Date: 2003


This story tells the life of Katharine (Katie) Wright from her birth, through her brother’s success to her death at age 54.  Katharine was an extremely intelligent college graduate who became a teacher. Later she was an instrumental part of her brother’s success, believing in them and even becoming a part of their company for a period of time. She died young after coming down with pneumonia.


This book is a factual portrait of Katharine Wright’s life. It even uses direct quotation from her. The book cites its sources and does a good job of portraying the facts without any biases. Another thing that adds on to this book are the pictures of Katie and her family and friends as she grows up. This makes the book both more visually appealing and adds some context to what it’s talking about. This book admits a small portion of Katie’s life but sums it up so that nothing is left out. The book also mentions many of the cultural and societal norms at the time to put Katherine’s life into context. Overall very well done.


Before finding this book, I didn’t even know that Orville and Wilbur Wright had a sister. After reading this book, I was surprised that she isn’t portrayed more in the history books since she actually worked for the Wright brothers for a while. Furthermore, she was a prominent figurehead in society and met two US presidents. When talking about women of history Katie gets left out and I think this is wrong. The bias of many history books keeps out these great women, which would be wonderful role models for young girls.  I hope that I will now be able to teach my future students a more well rounded version of history.


Before: Study the Wright Brothers.


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