The M&M’s Counting Book


Title:  The M&M’s Counting Book Author: Barbara Barbieri McGrath Illustrator:   Publisher: Watertown; Charlesbridge Publishing

Genre: Books for Infants and Toddlers Level: Beginner/ Intermediate Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 1994


This book uses a package of M&M to teach students to count up to six, then twelve. Once at twelve it shows how to group up M&Ms into different numbers. Next it show how to make different shapes with the M&Ms. Finally it shows how to subtract, by eating, till you get down to 0.


This book is adorable and could be used for many different ages of children. Very young students could read only to learn to count to six. Each part of the book could be added on until they got to the end. Many skills could be learned from this book, which would benefit children in math later on. The only real problem I have with this book is that it is out dated and M&M doesn’t make tan M&M’s in a normal package any more. A newer version of this book using blue M&Ms instead would be awesome.


As a student the best thing ever is when a teacher decided to do an activity that used food, particularly chocolate. This book allows teachers to read it allowed and bring the candy coated manipulatives to class. What could be better?


During: Students will use M&Ms to do the activity with the book.


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