Title: Marsupials Author: Nic Bishop Photographer: Nic Bishop Publisher:  New York; Scholastic Inc.

Genre: Information Books Level: Intermediate Number of pages: 48 Pub. Date: 2009


This book discusses all the different types of marsupials there are in the world. Wonderful pictures taken by Nic on his trip to Australia accompany the information he provides. A couple of pages are dedicated to each of the animals.


This book highlights the important information along with five key words. The key words are defined in the back of the book under the index. The index helps readers to find any specifics they may want to read about. All of this information should be accurate considering Nic Bishop has a PhD in biological sciences.


This book is cool, but the coolest part about it is that Bishop took the pictures himself. This shows the dedication he has both to the animals and to the creation of this book. Taking pictures of animals is hard, they move quickly and never face the camera when you want. The fact he spent 6 months working on this book is impressive.


Before: Have students take pictures of pets or animals they see around and have them compare their work to Nic Bishops’.



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