Just the Right Size: Why Big Animals are Big and Little Animals are Little

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Title:  Just the Right Size: Why Big Animals are Big and Little Animals are Little Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Neal Layton
Publisher:  China; Candlewick Press

Genre: Information Book Level: Upper Number of pages: 61 Pub. Date:  2009


This book informs the reader about why humans and other animals are the way they are. It also tells why super powers and monsters are impossible. This book also talks about the geometry and physics behind different animals relating math and science topics.


This book provides information in a way that is fun for students and also that is simplified enough to make sense. The illustrations also help to get its points across. At the end of the book is an index so that students can look up specific information easily. The only thing I wish this book did that it doesn’t is site it’s sources.



This was my favorite of the information books I read. It was fascinating and I liked the little cartoon illustrations. Also I feel like I learned some things from this book. This book would be wonderful for older students who were gifted in math or science and wanted to learn more about how they work together.


During: Have students use the math in this book to see if their favorite animal could become a giant or not. (ALL SHOULD ANSWER NO)


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