Johnny Appleseed


Title: Johnny Appleseed Author:  Reeve Lindbergh Illustrator: Kathy Jakobsen  Publisher: Boston; Little, Brown and Company

Genre:  Traditional Literature Level: Intermediate Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 1990


This is the classic story of Johnny Appleseed told through poems. It is told in the point of view of a woman whose family was visited by Johnny Appleseed during her youth. She tells of Johnny’s journey across the US to plant apple seeds.


The story of Johnny Appleseed is a tall tale. Although he was a real man, his deeds are often stretched way beyond what he actually did. The interesting thing about Johnny Appleseed is that he was a real person and actually did plant apple seeds. In this version though, Johnny doesn’t break and walks constantly planting apple seeds. This would be impossible. This is what makes this story a tall tale.


I was interested about the real Johnny Appleseed so I did some research:

Johnny Appleseed, was born John Chapman in September of 1774. He really did plant seeds across America but what isn’t known is that he owned land in many of the states he planted seeds and made orchards. However, he did not plant all the apples like many people often claim.


Before: Have students each make their own apple tree and make an apple orchard in the classroom.


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