It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles


Title: It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles Author: Jack Prelutsky Illustrator: James Stevenson Publisher: New York; Scholastic Inc.

Genre:  Poetry Level: Primary Number of pages: 159 Pub. Date: 2000


This is a collection of silly poems by Jack Prelutsky. The poems tell silly stories and are joke about everything. These do very little other than just make the reader laugh.


Jack Prelutsky uses just about every poetic element he can for these poems. In some of his poems, he uses shaping and spacing to make the words swirl around the page or make a picture. In some of his poems he uses rhyme to make the poem sing songy. In some of his poems Prelutsky uses rhythm to keep the poems going. Finally in some of the poems imagery and literary devices work to let the reader picture what he is talking about in his/her head.


My favorite poem is found on page 101 and is called ZIGZAG. I enjoyed how the words go from forward to backward at angles making it look like the words are zigzaging across the page. This poem created a challenge for me since half the words are backwards. While I enjoyed it, I could see it being to challenging for young readers that this book is written for.


After: Students will write their own humorous poems.


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