Animal Action



Title: Animal Action ABC Author: Karen Pandell and Art Wolfe Photographer: Nancy Sheehan
Publisher: New York; Dutton Books

Genre: Books for Infants and Toddlers Level: Upper Number of pages: 37 Pub. Date: 1996


 The book talks about the different movements an animal makes using the ABCs. Each letter gets its own movement. Each action has a small rhyme to go with it. Also there is a picture of a young child doing the movement and a picture of an animal doing the same movement.


 This is an ABC book perfect for school aged children. It uses different fonts making the letters look different than they normally would. Also the book has a theme of animal movements that begin with different letters of the alphabet. The best part of this book though is that the students can move along with the book learning the action for themselves.


I love the movement exercises that go along with this book. It will be very useful for students that have been in their seats for a long time to get up and move while still learning their ABCs and animals. This is especially important in the high stress-testing environment of today’s schools. Many schools are getting rid of recess and PE time so students need a chance to move around and get the wiggles out.


During: Do the actions along with the book!


A-    Arch


B-    Balance


C-    Crawl



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