Title: ABC Author: John Burningham Illustrator: John Burningham Publisher: New York; Crown Publishers, Inc.

Genre: Books for Infants and Toddlers Level: Beginner Number of pages: 52 Pub. Date: 1964


This is a book of the ABC’s. Each letter has two pages. On one page is the letter, both capital and lower case, and a word associated with that letter. An example of this would be Aa apple. On the second page is a picture of the associated item.


This is a wonderful ABC book and fulfills all the requirements to make a good letter book. Each letter is clearly displayed in both capital and lower case. Underneath it also easy to read is the word associated with the letter. The next page has a full illustration of the associated object. The type is also all large making it easy for young children to point to each letter.


I enjoyed the coloring of this book. The type being white on a colored background helped the letters to stand out. It also reminds me of chalk on a chalk board, something that students will need to learn how to do.


During:  Have child point to the letter on the page and ask them “What letter is that?”


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