The Talking Eggs


Title: The Talking Eggs Author: Robert D. San Souci Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney
Publisher: New York; Dial Books for Young Readers

Genre: Traditional Literature Level: Beginner Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 1988


An adaptation of Cinderella, this story tells the story of Blanche a young girl treated badly by her mother and elder sister. One day while getting water from the well, Blanche meets an old woman and gets her some water. When she gets back at her house her mother and sister are upset with. Scared Blanch runs away and the old woman she helps earlier finds her, who offers to let her come to her home if she promises not to laugh. Blanche promises and see all kinds of spectacles. As a reward for not laughing she is allowed to take any talking eggs that say take me and when she breaks them they will give her a surprise. She does this and treasures come out of the eggs. When she returns home, Blanche’s mother and sister are jealous and plan to steal her things and get more for themselves. Rose, the older sister, finds the old woman and tries to trick her into getting the riches. The old woman tells her to take only the eggs that say take me, but Rose doesn’t listen and takes the jeweled eggs that say don’t take me. When she breaks them horrible creatures come out and attack Rose and her mother. Blanche ends up leaving her home, living in the city happily ever after.


This is definitely a fairy tale. This story tells of a normal little girl who is treated badly by her family. Instead of an outright fairy godmother, Blanche meets a witch who rewards her for her kindness and gives her many riches. Like most traditional literature, good wins over evil. Also, a theme I am finding in these books is that there is a moral to the story. In this book the moral is that kindness is rewarded and no good comes from greed.


I liked how the author adapted the classic Cinderella into a story with out a prince. Having the young girl rewarded for her good deeds by giving her independence instead of winning her prince is a nice take on this story. Also I liked the crazy animals that where at the witches house. My favorite was the two-headed cow with the corkscrew horns. They are cute and I like that their horns are turned. The author could have made a two-headed cow and it would have been outrageous enough but going that extra bit made the story that much more fun.


            During: Compare different versions of Cinderella stories.


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