National Geographic Little Kids First BIG Book of Animals


Title: National Geographic Little Kids First BIG Book of Animals Author: Catherine D Hughes Illustrator: n/a
Publisher: Washington DC; National Geographic Society

Genre: Information Book Level: Intermediate Number of pages: 128 Pub. Date: 2010


This book splits up the world into five different regions; Grasslands, oceans, deserts, forests, and Polar Regions. In each of these regions a handful of animals are talked about. Each animal has its name in large type followed by a chute catch phrase underneath. There are many beautiful photo graphs of the animals so that children can learn the different animals.


This book is a wonderful learning tool. Each animial is easy to look up in the contents. Also the animals are split up into regions so that animal can learn where the animal lives. Babies are shown so that a difference can be seen between adult and babies. Additionally, new words are highlighted in the text with the definitions in the back of the book. Finally, this book is by a trusted source, National Geographic and all the information is accurate. The only thing I could see that could be a problem is that it only shows a small amount of animals. However, since it is the First book of animals that makes it okay.


One of the best parts about this book is how easy it would be to differentiate the book based on readiness of the students. For beginners the students could just read the name of the animal and look at the pictures. For students a little higher they could read the basic information in blocks on the page. For the next level of readiness could read the small circles of information with more in depth information about the animal.  Another cool aspect about this book are the many activities that teachers or parents could use to engage readers.


During: Have each student pick an animal out of this book and do a research project on it using outside sources.


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