My Man Blue


Title: My Man Blue Author: Nikki Grimes Illustrator: Jerome Lagarrigue 
Publisher:  New York; Dial Books for Young Readers

Genre: Poetry Level: Beginner Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 1999


This collection of poems tells the story of a young boy and his mom’s friend Blue. At first the boy is suspicious of Blue and isn’t sure what to make of him. Through out the poems, the boy grows to respect Blue and hopes to become like him someday.


This book has a nice rhythm to all of the poems. They all have an even beat that usually ends in the last to lines of the poems. Some of these poems also rhyme but it is not obvious in all of them. I think the most obvious thing about these poems is the imagery. They tell a story that is easy for the reader to imagine. Also the pictures help to bring these poems alive.


These poems, more than anything else I have read, would be useful for a student. It talks about the young boy meeting the mother’s new friend and bonding with him. Also it talks about role models in life.  Finally, the book is multicultural showing a young black boy who lives in a lower income family with a single mother. This book broaches a lot of topics.


During: Students will clap along with the poem to find the rhythm in the poem.


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