Mother Goose’s Melodies


Title: Mother Goose’s Melodies Author: E. F. Bleiler Illustrator: n/a Publisher: New York; Dover Publications Inc.

Genre: Books for Infants and Toddlers Level: Beginner Number of pages: 116 Pub. Date: 1970


This is a collection of mother goose nursery rhymes. Some of these rhymes are famous like Jack and Jill. Others are not and are a little strange for this time period. These rhymes are not long, only being two pages long tops.


I don’t think this is a very good collection of mother goose nursery rhymes. The pictures are small and kind of creepy. The pages are small, text tiny and the vocabulary is difficult for young children to read for themselves. Also there are no titles and it is sometimes hard to figure out when one rhyme ends and another begins. I think that this book was made for a parent to read out loud to a young child when they are in a crib or bed.


Overall I didn’t like this book. Many of the rhymes were weird and didn’t make any sense to me.  Of the rhymes I did like my favorite was the one about the three men of Gotham who sail in a bowl. I think it is funny how the rhyme says, “if the bowl had been stronger, my song had been longer” and also attempts at teaching a lesson.


During: Have students work with their parents to memorize their favorite nursery rhyme.


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