Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope


Title: Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope Author: Nikki Grimes Illustrator: Bryan Collier
Publisher: New York; Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Genre: Biography Level: Intermediate Number of pages: 40 Pub. Date: 2008


This is the second edition of this book the first only goes through Obama wining the democratic caucus. It tells the story of Barack Obama from birth until he won the presidency in 2008. Two more versions of this book have been published after this one covering his Nobel Piece Prize and the other going through him winning the election in 2012.


This book is a Fictional Portrait and is based off of Obama’s memoirs. The story is written in a style so that it is like a fictional mother telling her son about President Obama. Each page has a little commentary of the mother son pair. Because the facts of this come from Obama’s Memoirs the book is accurate and each update of the book keeps it from being outdated.


When I was researching about this book I found out that Nikki Grimes almost turned down the opportunity to write it. She was very busy at the time and told her agent no more books. A couple of weeks later he told her about this and because it was a big deal she decided to wait a while before turning it down. She started researching a realized the project was so wonderful for publicity she had to take it. She ended up having to write the entire 1st draft in three weeks.


After: Students will create picture books mimicking this style about one of the other presidents. Instead of informing a son students can write about informing a parent or friend.


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