At Break of Day


Title: At Break of Day Author: Nikki Grimes Illustrator: Paul Morin
Publisher:  Grand Rapids; Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Genre: Poetry Level: Intermediate Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date:  1999


This is the telling of the biblical creation of Earth. Each poem tells of one of the things that God and/or his son did to create the earth. Some of the poems cover an entire day and cover part of a day.


The imagery and figurative language in this poem allows the reader to imagine what it looked like for God and his son to create the Earth. It becomes very vivid for the reader when they close their eyes to imagine it. Furthermore, the separation of this poem into stanzas helps the reader break where necessary. I think this poem is at an intermediate level because even though it is a picture book it is in-depth uses more complex elements of poetry and covers a more intense topic than other poems.


Even though these poems would not be allowed in a public school, I think that they were quite wonderful and could be used in a Sunday school classroom or put in the class for students to read if they chose to. Being Christian I thought the way Grimes went about telling this story was interesting because she included God’s son in it as well.


During: Students could compare these poems to the actual bible and find similarities and differences. This would be best as a Sunday school activity.


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