The Enormous Potato


Title: The Enormous Potato Author: Aubrey Davis Illustrator: Dusan Petricic Publisher: Canada; Kids Can Press LTD.

Genre: Traditional Literature Level: Beginner Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 1997


A farmer plants a potato eye and grows huge potato out of it. He tries to pull the potato out but fails. He calls his wife to help him; she calls their daughter, who calls the dog who calls the cat who finally calls the mouse. The mouse is the final person who helps to get the potato out. They then feed the whole town potato till it is all gone.


This book is the perfect example of a folktale. This book tells the story of an everyday farmer and very little setting is shown. This allows the book to fit into more than one specific culture. Also it tells the story of a magical potato eye that grows to an enormous sized potato. The end of the story with everyone sharing also fits into the Traditional Literature category. It shows a happy ending that resolves the problem of the enormous potato.


I really enjoyed the adding on aspect of this book that made it easy to read aloud. I also like how slowly each member of the family was added on to the line of helpers. I drew a picture of my family trying to pull an enormous potato out of the ground.


This book would be useful in talking about families and how different families look because all families have different members and are different sizes. I also liked how the smallest animal, the mouse makes the difference in getting the potato out of the ground. I believe that this teaches that even the smallest person can make an enormous difference.


After: Students will draw their families trying to get the potato out of the ground.


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