Me, Mop and the Moondance Kid


Title: Me, Mop and The Moondance Kid Author: Walter Dean Myers Illustrator: Rodney Pate
Publisher: New York; Delacorte Press

Genre: Realistic Fiction Level: Intermediate Number of pages: 154 Pub. Date: 1988


This is the story TJ and his brother Moondance where recently adopted from the Dominican Academy. Now they are on a little league team trying to win the championship. Along with them is their friend Mop who still lives in the academy. Mop hopes that the coach of their team will adopt her before the academy closes. The story follows the path the team takes to win the championship. 


This is a living in a diverse world book. It talks both about the African American population and the idea of adopted youth.  The story does a good job of keeping the reader engaged and helps them to relate to what the main characters are going through. Through out the story even when the characters face challenges, they stay positive which helps to show the reader that even when something bad happens the too should stay upbeat.


I really enjoyed this book. TJ was the perfect character for young boys to relate to. He thinks he is the world’s greatest baseball player even though by all his accounts he doesn’t seem to be particularly talented and is out shined by his younger brother Moondance. I liked how Myers used this comical story about children’s little league to talk about more intense topics like adoption. For many students the idea of adoption is a hard one to grasp. By making the main characters adopted it helps to give the reader a better understanding of what it’s like to be adopted.


            During: Students will retell main parts of the story from different characters point of view.


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