Hannah and the Whistling Teakettle


Title: Hannah and the Whistling Teakettle Author: Mindy Warshaw Skolsky Illustrator: Diane Palmisciano
Publisher: New York; Dorling Kindersley publishing Inc.

Genre: Realistic Fiction Level: Beginner Number of pages: 36 Pub. Date: 2000


Hannah wants to go see her grandparents in New York City. Her parents agree to let her go and before she leaves, she goes and finds a gift for her grandmother. The only thing is that her grandma always says that the gifts are “not a necessity” and returns them. Hannah picks out a whistling teakettle in hopes that her grandma will want to keep it. Unfortunately her grandma says what she always does, but Hannah doesn’t give up. When she is asked to make tea she uses the new teakettle. When two men come into the store and start to rob the coins out of the pay phone, Hannah and her grandmother worry that they will be in danger. Then the teakettle starts to whistle and the men think is the police. The teakettle saves the day and Hannah’s grandma decides to keep the present after all deciding it is a necessity.


This story is both a humorous and a family story.  Hannah builds a relationship with her grandmother, getting her to accept her gift. At the same time everyone mistaking a teakettle for the police is a pretty funny idea. Through out the story the reader wants Hannah to succeed in getting her grandmother to accept the gift. When she finally is successful the reader feels like they have accomplished something as well.


I enjoyed this book quite a bit. The grandmother reminded me a lot of my dad in personality. Whenever a holiday comes around it is stressful trying to find a gift for him. 95% of the time we end up having to return what we’ve gotten for him because he would rather save the money. Because of this I understand Hannah putting the water in the new kettle when she is making water for tea. Wanting someone to keep a present makes you a little devious sometimes.


            After: Students will sort a list of present ideas into necessary and unnecessary categories. This will help them gain a larger grasp on these ideas.

  • Jewelry
  • Iron
  • Crockpot
  • Puppy
  • Wall Art
  • Food
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Clock
  • Etc.

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