The Hello, Goodbye Window


Title: The Hello, Goodbye Window Author: Norton Juster Illustrator:  Chris Raschka
Publisher: Hyperion Books For Children, Michael Di Capua Books

Genre: Caldecott Level: Beginner Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 2005


The Hello, Goodbye Window is the story of a young girl who visits her Nanna and Poppy’s house. At the front of the house there is a window that lets you see in to the house. This window is the center of the story. The young girl accounts everything that happens when they are by the window including saying hello and goodbye to her grandparents.


This book has large font that is easy to read on its pages. On all the day pages the background is white and the lettering is black. On the night page the background is blue with white writing. This helps to create the feeling of nighttime. The art moves around the page but whenever the house is showcased it is located in the middle of two pages so that it can spread out over a large area. Chris Raschka illustrated this book so that it looks like a child drew it. This helps to reinforce that the young girl is telling the story.


When I first picked up this book, I judged it by its cover. I thought that it was going to be a sad book about a young girl saying goodbye to her grandparents. The book is quite the opposite. It is a happy story about a little girl who gets to spend time with her parents revolving around a window in the front of their house. I also like how this book shows a multicultural perspective in that her parents and grandparents are in mixed race relationships. This shows that there is more than one expectable view of family and that race should not affect relationships.


Before: Predict what will happen in the story

After: Students will draw a picture in the style of this author.

Read Aloud:


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