My Friend Rabbit


Title: My Friend Rabbit Author: Eric Rohmann Illustrator: Eric Rohmann Publisher: Connecticut; Roaring Brook Press

Genre: Caldecott Level: Beginner Number of pages: 33 Pub. Date: 2002

Summary: This is the story of mouse and his friend rabbit. Rabbit tries very hard to be a good friend but no matter what he does it somehow always backfires on him. While playing, Rabbit accidentally throws mouse’s plane into a tree. In attempt to get it back Rabbit stacks many animals up to try and get up high enough to get to the plane. All the animals end up falling but mouse gets his plane. Mouse saves rabbit from the angry animals. The book ends with rabbit messing up again.


This book has very few words and relies heavily on its art. The art works it’s way across the page. On one page the art helps to show how high the tower that Rabbit is building out of animals is. The few words in this book very in position following Rabbit and Mouse. On the last page there is also some dialogue that is small and has a line connecting it to the character speaking. Each page has a black border helping to create a clean image. This border also help to show rabbit pulling in different animals from a different area than where the story takes place.


I thought that this book was adorable. Poor Rabbit tries his best but he just always seems to be messing up. I feel like everyone has a friend like that. This book is good because it shows people that just because a person makes a mistake it doesn’t mean that you cant be friends with them.


            During: Have students name the animals that Rabbit stacks.

A Read Aloud:


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