Inside Freight Train


Title: Inside Freight Train Author: Donald Crews Illustrator: Publisher: Singapore; Harper Festival

Genre:  Books for Infants and Toddlers Level: Beginner Number of pages: 11 Pub. Date: 2001


This book talks about what is found in all the cars of a freight train. Each page had a different car and what it holds. Some of the pages slide back to show what is inside of them.


This is a good toy book because the pieces slide back and forth to show what is inside the train car. This is a simple activity that most children can do by themselves. An adult may have to show them once how it works and then the child could complete the activity without help. Also because this is a board book, it keeps students safe from paper cuts. Lastly, the board book keeps the book from breaking quickly and allows its use for years.


This book is a fun way for students to learn what is inside a freight train. The sliding pieces make the book more like a game than a book. Also they allow students to have fun while learning. I would use this book at centers about trains if I was a teacher so that students could interact with this book one at a time.


During: Have students hypothesize what will be in the car based on the cars name.


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