Abraham Lincoln


Title: Abraham Lincoln Author: Amy L. Cohn and Suzy Schmidt Illustrator: David A. Johnson Publisher: New York; Scholastic Press

Genre: Biography Level: Beginner Number of pages: 38 Pub. Date: 2002


This book discusses the life of Abraham Lincoln from birth to his death. Rather than discussing just the facts that are normally of interest in a classroom, this book discusses Abe’s appearance and his love for reading.  The book ends showing the Lincoln memorial and talking about after a busy life Lincoln finally gets to rest.  


This biography is a fictional portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s life.  While it is based on facts, there are no primary sources used in the book. The quotes from the book are made up and we have no way of knowing if the events in the story happen exactly as the book says they do. While this book does talk about much of Abraham Lincoln’s life there are some gaps. For example the book leaves out that Lincoln looses his son, it doesn’t talk about Gettysburg and the book leaves out the building of the Lincoln memorial even though it is featured in the book. If these events were added this book would become a better  biography.


I like the fact that this book focused on more than just his presidency. This helps to give a bigger picture to Abraham Lincoln’s life. Also the last page with the timeline helps to give a larger overview of what Abe’s life looks like. Some of these dates are not discussed in the book so this timeline helps to tie together his life from what the book discusses and any previous knowledge students have.


            During: Students relate what happens in Abe’s life to things they have experienced in life.  



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