A Children’s Zoo


Title: A Children’s Zoo Author: Tana Hoban Illustrator: n/a
Publisher: New York; Greenwillow Books

Genre: Books for Infants and Toddlers Level: Beginner Number of pages:  21 Pub. Date: 1985

Summary (Use your own words; 3-4 sentences; setting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution):

This book talks about all the different animals that can be found in the zoo. Each page has three characteristics of the animal then at the bottom the page the animal’s name. On the following page there is a picture of the animal that was previously described.



This book does exactly what a concept book is supposed to do. It provides one concept, animals found in a children’s zoo and gives multiple examples of it. For each animal, children have a chance to locate the name of the animal as well as a picture of it. The concept is demonstrated 10 times. Then on the last page more information is provided about the animals like what they eat and where they live. This allows for extended study of the animals for children who are either advanced or older.


This book was made for teaching. I would use this book to show different animals and also talk about adjectives. This book is set up so that young children can guess from the adjectives what animal is being described. Then once they figured it out, they can see what the animal looks like. Overall this book is easy to use in the classroom.


After: Students draw their favorite animal featured in the book.


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