Kitten’s First Full Moon


Title: Kitten’s First Full Moon Author: Kevin Henkes Illustrator:  Kevin Henkes
Publisher: United States; Greenwillow Books

Genre: Caldecott Level: Beginner Number of pages: 29 Pub. Date: 2004


The story of Kitten who discovers the full moon one night and thinks it is a bowl of milk. Kitten tries over and over again to reach the milk but fails. Finally after falling into a pond kitten returns home. When she gets to her porch she finds a bowl of milk waiting for her.


This book is an interesting take on a picture book because it is done in only black and white. This gives the book a nighttime feel. The type of the font is big and easy to read so that young children can read along. The font rotates between three main places. The middle of a page, the bottom of two pages side by side, and the middle of two pages side by side. This helps the reader to follow along with Kitten’s actions as they are reading. Most of the art is square in shape and looks like a picture ready to hang on a wall. But on all the pages that say, “ Still, there was the little bowl of milk, just waiting.” The pictures are small and located in opposite corners. These pictures show Kitten and the moon. Over all, the art in this book works to create a book easy for young children to read.


This book is adorable. The problem in the story of kitten trying to reach the moon, seems like something a cat would actually do giving the book a realistic base. I felt so bad for kitten when she fell in the pond. If it was my cat, Mikey, he would have freaked out, he doesn’t like water at all. In fact Mikey avoids my back yard because we have a pool. I wonder if Kitten learned her lesson about reflections when she fell in the pond. As a teacher, I would use this book to have children start to talk about 1. The distance between earth and the moon and 2. How water reflects light. I believe in this way, this book could be used with a much older group than it was originally written for.


Before: Have children predict what Kitten is going to do when she sees the full moon for the first time.

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